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Jordan Newmark, writer and beer lover, talks about his favorite craft beers with the alcohol artists who made them. Just some fun conversations with today's best brewmasters and brewery founders.
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Apr 18, 2018

Hello beer lovers! Let's talk about concerts- the good, the bad, the one where a girl bit your forearm until it bled. You know? Concerts! Also, I kind of blabber on about Asbury Park as well. Thanks for listening! Jordan

Apr 11, 2018

Hello beer lovers! I went into the wilds of the Jersey Shore and interviewed Jeff Plate at his alcoholic beverage creation station- Asbury Park Brewery. We drank their award winning Sea Dragon IPA and chatted about beer, music, and, of course, Asbury Park. Thanks for listening! Jordan

Apr 4, 2018

Hello beer lovers! I got a haircut, I drank a beer, and I talked about both. I found a, modern classic, Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA in my fridge and gladly imbibed it while talking in-depth about haircuts I have received and haircutting establishments I have frequented. Thanks for listening! Jordan

Mar 28, 2018

Hello beer lovers! Today, we're talking to one of the newest and raddest breweries- Hysteria. I chat with the director of sales and brewer Ty Kries about the hazy, juicy, lactose-filled, inventive, and delicious beers this Columbia, Maryland brewery are producing. As we talk, I am drinking their Imperial Breakfast Stout named 25th Hour- awesome dark stuff. Thanks for listening! Jordan

Mar 21, 2018

Hello beer lovers! Today, I go nuts and talk about the 1996 disaster flick 'Twister'. Not what you were expecting? Yeah, me neither. Movie made $500 million in theaters and it's an absurd, garbage pile of nonsense. Also, HDTGM hasn't done an episode on it (yet), so I am. Thanks for listening! Jordan

Mar 14, 2018

Hello beer lovers! Do you know what CBD oil is? That got your attention. Today, Chris and I try out famed Vermont brewery Long Trail's collaboration with Luce Farm called Medicator, which is the first CBD infused beer. Awesome, right? Thanks for listening! Jordan

Mar 6, 2018

Hello beer lovers! Remember when beer was beer and you wanted nothing more than to drink a million of them? That's what today's episode is about! Thanks for listening! Jordan

Dec 20, 2017

Hello beer lovers! The wizards of Magic Hat in Burlington, Vermont have released a new year round IPA named Taken For Granite that could become their standard-bearer. I chat, for a time, with Harry Kahn of the famed brewery about their renewed focus. Thanks for listening! Jordan

Dec 19, 2017

Hello beer lovers! Is this thing on? Can you hear me? I hope so. I have been having a lot of technical difficulties in 2017 and trying to get you another episode of your 'favorite' podcast has been problematic. Hopefully, this works! Love, Jordan

Jul 12, 2017

Hello beer lovers! Here's another potpourri of topics all under the guise of me rambling where the wind takes my mouth sails. Sorry for the skips last episode and sorry for the skips between the 11 minute and 13 minute mark. Technology is hard! Anyway, I love you! Jordan

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